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          Gain first access to exclusive trading opportunities with the world's no. 1 platform in offering lightning-fast perpetual futures listings on the hottest cryptocurrencies.

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          Enjoy zero trading fees when you trade on Flipster, for more rewards as you flip. Save and earn more regardless of whether you’re a flipper or HODLer.

        • High liquidity

          Flipster has partnered with a professional designated market maker that provides our platform with unparalleled deep liquidity. Trade with ease at the best bid and offer prices.

        Maximize your profits with the lowest cost

        Flipster offers the lowest industry costs, including all fees and slippage, surpassing VIP fees elsewhere.

        Frequently asked questions


        What is Flipster?

        Flipster is the number one cryptocurrency altcoin derivatives trading platform. Traders turn to our app for a head start in turning their insights and knowledge into potential profits. If your crypto wealth strategy includes altcoin derivatives, you must have a Flipster account. Experience a new way to trade derivatives today, and be part of a community of traders who keep returning to flip on our platform.


        What perpetual futures can be traded on Flipster?

        Flipster has a wide selection of over 200 perpetual futures listings, including Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), that can be traded with leverage of up to 100x. Among Flipster's offerings are tokens not readily found on other futures trading platforms and some with low visibility in spot markets. Traders can look forward to our frequent additions of altcoin derivatives that open up more diversification opportunities for their crypto portfolio.


        Why choose Flipster to trade altcoin derivatives?

        When trading altcoins, every second is crucial. Traders use Flipster as we’re committed to being the fastest trading platform to offer the world’s first altcoin perpetual futures listings. When a token is added to a launchpad and within hours of a token going live for spot on top trading platforms, Flipster will announce its perpetual futures listing.

        Distinguishing itself by offering thicker liquidity, lesser slippage, and narrower bid-ask spreads than the largest trading platforms, Flipster’s speed to open and close orders supports traders in capitalizing on market movements, even during periods of high market demand. Our trading platform is designed for stability and reliability, to provide traders with a peace of mind.

        After spending years analyzing charts and reading whitepapers, serious traders load up their USDT on Flipster, for the opportunity to make fast moves ahead of the market, on a new token that is soon to be launched. Fast is a way of life at Flipster, and users choose to trade with us primarily for this reason.


        How has Flipster optimized the trading experience?

        Flipster is a trading platform that has been optimized for smaller screens, to provide the best app trading platform experience. By going back to basics in being mobile-first, Flipster has removed the complexities of traditional trading platforms that have become clones of one another. A fast and frictionless trading experience is something that both users new to derivatives and seasoned traders can enjoy with Flipster.

        Recognizing that modern traders do not sit in front of their desktops monitoring the market all day, we've revolutionized trading to be as easy as uploading an image onto social media on their phones. We developed Flipster to be a quick and responsive mobile application, to ensure traders can make instant flips, monitor their portfolios, and capitalize on market movements—anytime, anywhere.

        Soon, Flipster trading will be available on desktop. This cross-platform integration will provide seamless user experience, allowing users to open positions in a web browser, while monitoring positions on the go from the app.


        How to earn rewards on Flipster?

        Flipster supports its community through market cycles with various initiatives. Opportunities abound for users to participate in regular events, promotions, and altcoin trading competitions, to win rewards, for a fun and engaging trading environment.

        For example, to support our users in making the most of their funds even when they aren’t actively trading, we introduced Flipster Earn Pool. This campaign allows traders to earn on the USDT wallet balance in their Flipster account as they strategize on their next investment move. When the right opportunity presents itself, they will be ready to get in on the action ahead of the market, avoiding delays that could come from making swaps, depositing fresh funds, or transferring crypto.


        How to get started on Flipster?

        Starting your journey on Flipster is simple, it only takes a few minutes to register for an account. To unlock all the features in your Flipster account, such as trading, deposit and withdrawal, you must verify your identity. If you encounter any issues during the process, you can contact customer support via our 24/7 live chat.

        Signup for Flipster


        How to register on the Flipster app?

        1. Download the Flipster mobile application on the Google Play or Apple App Store, or by scanning the QR code provided on our website for your respective device (iOS or Android).

        2. Sign up for an account using your email address, Google account, Apple ID or via Social sign-on (SSO).

        3. Complete identity verification by providing your personal information and identity documents. This process ensures the security of your account and helps prevent fraudulent activities.

        Complete KYC on Flipster


        How to trade crypto on Flipster?

        1. On the mobile application, go to the [Assets] page. Click on [Deposit] to deposit cryptocurrencies to your Flipster account from an external wallet.

        2. Under the Trade tab, select an asset you wish to trade. Next, select the amount of leverage you are comfortable with. Input the amount of funds to be used, before clicking [Review your order].

        3. Check all the details before tapping buy (long position) or sell (short position).

        Trade on Flipster


        How to deposit crypto to Flipster?

        1. On the mobile app, go to the [Assets] page. Alternatively, if you’re on the website, go to the [Assets] menu and select [Deposit].

        2. Choose the cryptocurrency asset you wish to deposit. A network and a wallet address will be generated for your chosen cryptocurrency.

        If you select an incompatible or different deposit network, you might lose your funds. Please check the contract address of the asset you’re depositing, which must be the same as the one displayed, to ensure your assets get deposited.

        After making your selection, you can either scan the QR code or enter the wallet address manually. Flipster does not charge any deposit fees, but you may incur network fees when transferring funds from an external wallet to your Flipster wallet.

        3. Use your cryptocurrency wallet to send the desired amount to the wallet address provided by Flipster. Make sure to input the correct address and check the amount before proceeding.

        4. Transactions can take some time to be confirmed, depending on the network traffic. Be patient, shortly you'll see the funds in your Flipster account. We’ll also send you an email once the funds have been deposited on Flipster.


        How to use Instant Flip?

        With Instant Flip, all it takes is one tap to instantly reverse an existing position and open a new position in the opposite direction (long/short). Make adjustments to your trading strategies quickly and easily in response to changing market conditions and sentiments.

        Take advantage of time-sensitive trading opportunities that could be missed during a slower, manual position reversal. Stay ahead of the competition and execute trades quickly in just one click. Minimize crucial delays in potentially limiting losses or locking in profits, especially during sudden market reversals.

        1. On the Flipster app, navigate to the [Trade] tab.
        2. Under [Open Positions], identify an existing position you wish to use Instant Flip.
        3. If you’re holding a long position, the [Flip to short] button will appear, and vice versa.