5 Best Crypto Hot Wallets


A “hot wallet” is a digital crypto wallet that enables crypto transactions between the owner and end users. To store and transfer various currencies like Bitcoin, a set of private keys kept on software linked to the internet is employed. Hot wallets offer accessibility and ease of financial transactions by preserving and protecting crypto assets. Now, let us take a look at the 5 best crypto hot wallets (in no particular order) that you can use to store your crypto in 2023!




The best crypto wallet for Ethereum is MetaMask, as it offers rapid and simple access to the network’s tokens. With more than 30 million registered users each month, MetaMask is among the most notable Ethereum wallets. This is a result of its usability and mobility: The wallet offers an appealing and simple interface for traders seeking to store and transfer coins compatible with Ethereum and engage with decentralized applications (dApps).


The interoperability of MetaMask with various blockchain systems is also noteworthy. Almost every blockchain network may be added by users to the app. Major Web3 networks like Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, and Avalanche are all completely supported by the wallet. Additionally, users may link their wallets straight to well-known NFT marketplaces like OpenSea and trade a range of items there. The wallet may be downloaded as an extension for users of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Brave browsers. The MetaMask app is also available for download for Apple and Android smartphones. 


Release date: 2016.


Hardware Compatible: Yes. 


Key features and highlights: Metamask is built with open-source code, allowing programmers and security specialists to assess the platform’s security. Users have full control over their private keys since account information is encrypted and kept remotely from the MetaMask servers. It also enables users to switch across layer one and layer two Web3 solutions efficiently.




Exodus is a multi-cryptocurrency wallet with a straightforward layout and design. In addition to any custom ERC-20 tokens that are currently unsupported, Exodus can be used to store a wide range of digital assets. The hot wallet is perfectly compatible with hardware wallets and offers both mobile and desktop versions. It differentiates itself from other crypto wallets by targeting users who are new to the crypto space by coming up with an easy-to-use interface that its designers have worked very hard to enhance and improve. One of Exodus’ most well-liked features is the support for a number of currencies in addition to Bitcoin


Exodus also respects its customers’ confidentiality and non-custodial rights. Hence, users are not obliged to register or provide personal information since it lacks Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations. Users can easily transfer and swap between tokens without having to go through the long process of signing up. When users are facing difficulties, Exodus provides live chat, email, and customer service options around-the-clock. The fact that there is no telephone option for contacting the business raises some questions, but it is important to note that this is a pretty standard practice in the sector. Even yet, Exodus performs admirably when measured against rivals. 


Release date: 2015.


Hardware Compatible: Yes. 


Key features and highlights: Exodus provides a wallet solution that is more than adequate for both novice and experienced crypto traders. As a user, you will undoubtedly find the large variety of digital assets, simplicity of use, and self-custody appealing. New users will feel secure knowing there haven’t been any security breaches in the previous five years, while more experienced traders will welcome the option to stake assets and integrate with DeFi platforms. 


Coinbase Wallet


Coinbase wallet is considerably one of the safest and most secure mobile wallets on the market. Coinbase Wallet supports 2FA, setting itself apart from the majority of its competitors. The fact that its users will be required to use a third-party 2FA software, such as Google Authenticator, complicates things a touch, but the increased protection is well worth the effort. Originally designed to support Ethereum and ERC20 tokens, it has now expanded to accept thousands of other coins. Due to government authorization and legislation in the United States, Coinbase has developed a strong formal presence. Hawaii is the only state in which you cannot use it. Another all-encompassing service, strongly connected to their bitcoin exchange. 


Coinbase oversees and runs both the crypto wallet and exchange, in contrast to independent wallets. Since you just need one account to get access to everything, this integration greatly simplifies things and makes it even more convenient for users to transfer crypto from one place to another. Besides transacting crypto, the Coinbase Wallet has a number of benefits. You may participate in airdrops and initial coin offerings (ICOs), access decentralized applications, pay for things online with crypto, and buy valuable digital artwork using this platform. The reliability of the Coinbase Wallet is a big plus, particularly during peak usage periods.


Release date: 2018.


Hardware Compatible: Yes. 


Key features and highlights: Coinbase Wallet is a popular cryptocurrency wallet that allows users to store a variety of digital assets and utilise web3 applications on mobile and through its browser extension. Coinbase Wallet users have comprehensive autonomy over their digital assets because it is a non-custodial wallet. Existing Coinbase customers will appreciate the smooth integration between Coinbase.com and Coinbase Wallet, while new users will benefit from Coinbase Wallet’s relatively low transaction fees.


Trust Wallet


Trust Wallet is a non-custodial wallet that stores cryptocurrency in hot storage. It is commonly regarded as one of the finest cryptocurrency wallets since it is very safe, free, and supports a broad variety of blockchains and crypto. Trust Wallet was also bought by Binance in 2018 and serves as the exchange’s official decentralized wallet. With the help of the 10 keywords provided when opening an account, trust wallet has a strong security framework that makes account hacking extremely difficult. Additionally, the fact that it supports multiple stablecoins adds to the sense of security. 


For fans of NFT and decentralized apps, Trust Wallet is a fantastic choice. Users of the wallet may access dApps and blockchain games straight through the app due to the wallet’s integrated Web3 browser. With this function, buying NFTs is simple since users can browse, acquire, and store tokens via the built-in decentralized exchange.


Release date: 2017.


Hardware Compatible: No. 


Key features and highlights: Trust Wallet distinguishes itself apart from other crypto wallets since it supports more than 1 million currencies on several blockchains. The program aims to lower the risk of cyberattacks while enabling users to utilize cryptocurrencies in their daily lives by restricting access to mobile devices (and Apple Mac PCs with the M1 chip). Trust Wallet offers several benefits for people who live in countries where crypto payments are more widely accepted by users or who wish to store many different coins in one location.


Edge Wallet


Edge is a mobile wallet that streamlines the process of transacting and the storage of crypto. Mobile phones running iOS and Android are supported by Edge wallet. Client-side encryption is used by the wallet to protect all of the user’s sensitive information on their mobile devices, making sure that only they can access their digital assets. Edge may be downloaded without charge. Receiving crypto into your wallet won’t incur any fees. Nevertheless, just like most hot wallets out there, the sending of funds will incur mining or network fees.


It supports the storing, transferring, and receiving of all ERC-20 tokens as well as 21 different altcoins. Since no user data or private details are transferred to the platforms’ systems, the Edge wallet is fully private. Users may register for an account without providing an email address and are able to remain fully anonymous.


Release date: 2018.


Hardware Compatible: No. 


Key features and highlights: The simplicity of usage was one of the major considerations in the development of the Edge wallet. The resultant Edge will enable you to register an account and start utilising your wallet in only a few minutes. The in-app exchange is a further incredibly practical function that has been added to the Edge wallet. Instant cryptocurrency exchange services like Shapeshift, Changelley, and Changenow are incorporated into the wallet. With this, you may use their gateway on your smartphone to exchange one coin for another.


Hot Wallet vs Cold Wallet


Hot wallets are convenient as it gives you easy access to your crypto assets. However, it is also important to note that hot wallets are more prone to cyber attacks as compared to cold wallets and that different hot wallets have varying features. It is thus essential to do your research on the different kinds of hot wallets that are available in 2023 to find out which one best suits your needs. 


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