Flipster’s Telegram Star Awards: Engage2Earn Program

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Flipster’s Telegram Star Awards: Engage2Earn Program


The Telegram Star Awards program is designed to celebrate and incentivize active participation and significant trading achievements within the Flipster community. This revised documentation outlines the criteria and rewards for our distinguished Gold Members and Gold Star Members.

Tier System and Rewards

Gold Members (No financial Reward)

Gold Members are recognized for their outstanding engagement within the Telegram chat, fostering a lively and interactive community environment.

  • Recognition: Members identified as top contributors based on engagement will have “Gold” beside their name in the Telegram chat.
  • Criteria: To be recognized as a Gold Member, one must be among the top 10 members who engage in the chat weekly.
  • Reward: Although there is no direct monetary reward, Gold Members gain prestige within the community, encouraging further participation and engagement.

Gold Star Members (50 Bonus)

Gold Star Members are those who not only engage actively in the community but also meet significant trading volume criteria, showcasing their commitment and financial activity.

Gold Star Eligibility

  • Engagement Requirement: Members must send at least 300 messages per week to be eligible for Gold Star rewards, ensuring they are actively contributing to the community’s vibrancy.
  • No fund withdrawal for the week.
  • 70k trading volume for the week
  • 300 messages contribution in the Telegram Community Chat

If there are more than 5 members, we will see the community contribution

General Notes

  • Snapshot: Eligibility and tier status will be assessed weekly, with a snapshot taken on Sunday UTC 23:59.
  • Payment: Rewards will be distributed within 7 days following the snapshot, credited directly to the members’ accounts.
  • Participation: While trading volume is a critical criterion for Gold Star Members, active participation through messaging significantly influences the eligibility and level of rewards.

This updated system aims to balance active community participation with trading achievements, encouraging a thriving, engaged, and financially active community.