The Dragon’s Treasure – Trading Competition Series

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The Dragon’s Treasure – Trading Competition Series

“The Dragon’s Treasure” marks Flipster’s inaugural themed event, a journey encompassing nine trading competitions. Participants vie for a staggering prize pool of up to 1 million USDT. This narrative-driven series unfolds over seven initial chapters, with each weekly challenge weaving a segment of a grander story.

Concept and Inspiration

Drawing from the vibrant tapestry of pop culture, the campaign infuses trading with the thrill of a fantasy adventure, resonating with the spirit of our target demographic. Each chapter introduces a new tournament, character, and world, reflecting the diverse cultures of Flipster’s global user base. These elements in combination aim to transform trading into an experience akin to popular digital entertainment.

Building up the momentum and excitement for traders, with each week that passes, new characters and increasing prize stakes are unveiled, culminating in the grand finale – Chapter Seven: The Endgame, scheduled for 25 December 2023, with prizes up to 300K USDT.


The tale unfolds in a mystical universe. Six tribes unite, each selecting a champion donned in a secret mech suit to combat the menace of Genslayer the Dragon, a draconian tyrant. As Genslayer wreaks havoc across different worlds, a new hero in each chapter rises to challenge him, embarking on a quest to liberate their ancestral lands.

Chapter One: The Lucky Bear

Chapter One: The Lucky Bear kicked off on 13 November 2023, where participants could trade to win a share of 25,000 USDT in prizes in the trading volume competition.

The selection of Bielefeld is influenced by the Bielefeld Conspiracy, an urban legend questioning the city’s existence. Central to the Bielefeld Conspiracy are three questions about knowing someone from, visiting, or knowing anyone who visited Bielefeld, with affirmative answers dismissed as part of the conspiracy. This unusual and playful myth offers an intriguing setting that aligns with the event’s theme of exploring fantastical realms.

In the story, Bielefeld is described as a picturesque island bathing in lush meadows and golden afternoons, with inspiration for visual imagery drawn from the picturesque towns in the Bavarian Alps of Germany. 

The villagers of Bielefeld, burdened by the dragon’s tyranny, yearned for liberation. Redheart the Valiant emerges as the hero ready to fight against Genslayer and restore peace to his village. Bears are native to wild forest habitats, and Redheart’s embodiment of a bear connects participants to its powerful symbolism of strength and resilience in German folklore.

Drawing upon the natural abilities of a bear, Redheart’s superpowers include the “Lucky Swipe” and the “Roar of Valor”. These are showcased in the social media visuals that took on the style of trading cards for a dash of gamification to the trading volume competition.

Chapter Two: A Tricky Monkey

Chapter Two: A Tricky Monkey takes place on Luzon Island, which was decided upon for its connection to the legend of Yamashita’s treasure, bringing elements of adventure and exoticness to the story’s backdrop. More importantly, we narrowed it down to the Philippines as that is where a significant number of our users come from, to enhance the story’s relevance to traders on our platform. Luzon Island is described as a land of natural beauty, with lush jungles, diverse wildlife, and crystal-like rivers in this chapter. 

Legend has it that various locations in Luzon, including the Mountain Province and Baguio City, are believed to be hiding places for part of Yamashita’s treasure. Yamashita’s treasure is the name given to the alleged war loot stolen in Southeast Asia by Imperial Japanese forces during World War II, and supposedly hidden in caves, tunnels, or underground complexes in different cities in the Philippines.

Meet our second hero, Orangekong the Trickster, born under a rare constellation of stars. In line with the characteristics of a monkey, Orangekong possesses the power to create a “Mirage of Illusions” and “Spectral Finger Snap”. 

The Philippines is rich in biodiversity, including various primate species. Monkeys, in particular, are common in the folk tales and are often associated with mischief and intelligence. Orangekong’s monkey attributes reflect the adaptability and cleverness that are vital for survival in the diverse and dynamic ecosystems found throughout the Philippine archipelago, resonating with the country’s natural and cultural spirit.

Endowed with an exceptional mind and mischievous spirit, he can come up with lifelike illusions to deceive even the keenest eyes. Driven to save his homeland, Orangekong sparks a resistance using his cunning wit against Genslayer, setting the stage for the second battle against Genslayer.

Chapter Three: The Dragon and the Hare

In “Chapter Three: The Dragon and the Hare,” Hyberborea is described as a jewel nestled in the desert. Drawing inspiration from Greek mythology, the mythical land of Hyperborea represents a place of idyllic beauty and peace, providing a rich backdrop for our narrative.

Thought of as a paradise of eternal youth and abundance, the Greeks believed that only semi-divine heroes like Hercules were capable of ever visiting the far-off land of Hyberborea. In our story, Hyberborea is depicted as an advanced society where its people were connoisseurs of beauty and art, appreciating and creating art that transcended the ordinary. Our imagery for Hyperborea depicts it as a land shimmering with the golden hues of the morning sun, where the desert meets the majesty of Romanesque structures rising majestically from the rugged cliffs.

The corrosive presence of Genslayer laid waste to Hyberborea, and rising from the desolation in Hyperborea is Goldenlola the Nimble, a hare endowed with extraordinary agility and wisdom of the ages. Her lineage, woven from Hyperborean mages, marks her as a symbol of hope entrusted with a mission to challenge Genslayer’s tyranny. 

In this chapter, winners of the profit and loss (P&L) trading competition got to share 39,950 USDT worth of prizes. Additionally, every day, a lucky draw was held, where 3 of the top 200 traders ranked by P&L were selected to win an extra 100 Bonus each as a prize.

Chapter 4: A Tiger’s Tale

In Chapter Four: A Tiger’s Tale, the futuristic aspects of Seoul’s cityscape inspire the setting of Dangun, blending modern and mythical elements. Known for its dynamic blend of ancient traditions and rapid modernization, South Korea’s history is rich with legends and folklore. According to historical records, Dangun was the legendary founder and god-king of Gojoseon, the first Korean kingdom. In line with its origins, the design of Dangun was inspired by the technologically advanced city of Seoul, with its neon-lined streets and iridescent dome that emits a protective force field.

Amidst this desolation, Jadeking the Ferocious emerges, a majestic tiger with jade-striped fur, representing the fusion of nature’s resilience and technological prowess. The tiger is a significant cultural symbol in Korean folklore, often seen as a guardian and a symbol of courage and power. 

The tiger is a revered animal in Korean culture and once roamed the Korean Peninsula. It’s seen as a guardian and a symbol of courage and strength. The mountainous and forested landscapes of Korea are a fitting habitat for such a majestic and powerful creature. Jadeking’s tiger persona embodies the spirit of the Korean tiger, connecting with South Korea’s cultural reverence for this magnificent animal and its natural heritage.

Taking inspiration from a tiger’s natural attacking prowess, Jadeking the Ferocious’s superpowers include “Shadow Prowler” and “Cloak of Stealth”.

In Chapter Four: A Tiger’s Tale, with not just one, but two competitions for twice the excitement and rewards. Profit and Loss (P&L) Trading Competition: The top 200 traders ranked by P&L will share 24,600 USDT worth of prizes. Rank among the top 10 places to receive prizes in both USDT and Flipster bonus. Trading Volume Competition: The top 200 traders ranked by trading volume will share 37,900 USDT worth of prizes, with the first 70 places getting a combination of bonus and USDT*. 

Chapter Five: A Charming Elephant

Shambhala, a Sanskrit word meaning “place of peace” or “place of silence,” is a mythical paradise spoken of in ancient texts, a land where only the enlightened with a pure heart can live. Accordingly, the mythical kingdom of Shambhala in Chapter Five is a place where love and wisdom reign. The Shambhalans are known for their resilient spirit and unwavering optimism, presenting a contrast to the destructive nature of  Genslayer. Depicted as a haven of spiritual and cultural magnificence, Shambhala’s grand temples are radiant with the kaleidoscopic colors of countless intricate carvings and statues. 

Bluesteel the Bold, a revered elephant warrior and descendant of the revered line of Shambhala’s ancient protectors who had once vowed to guard the sanctity of their home. With a lineage interwoven with the land’s ancient protectors, Bluesteel delved into ancient lore, seeking wisdom to tip the scales against the dragon. 

While not specific to a single country, the elephant is deeply significant in Buddhist cultures across Asia, symbolizing wisdom and mental strength. Elephants are native to many parts of Asia, known for their intelligence and considered sacred in many traditions. Bluesteel’s character as an elephant resonates with the peaceful and enlightened nature of Shambhala, reflecting the respect and reverence these animals receive in Buddhist cultures.

Bluesteel’s signature abilities include the “Ivory Charm” and “Seismic Stomp”, aligned with an elephant’s physique. 

Chapter Six: The Bull Fighter

El Dorado, famed for its elusive riches and the subject of numerous expeditions, is an embodiment of the unknown and the magnificent. Known as the lost city of gold, El Dorado was chosen as the sixth world, for its sense of grandeur and the allure of exploration it adds to the story, appealing to participants’ sense of adventure and the mysterious unknown. 

In Chapter Six: The Bull Fighter, the description of El Dorado takes inspiration from the legend it originates from, a city of unparalleled wonder shimmering with a radiance that rivals the stars, and greenery spilling like emerald waterfalls.  

As fear surged in the hearts of the people, Cobalt the Steadfast experienced an extraordinary awakening to save them from Genslayer. Born from the sacred earth, he was a guardian spirit moulded by ancient gods, his cobalt blue coat contained the mystical energies of El Dorado.

The bull is a universal symbol of strength and fertility and is prominent in many South American cultures, which connects well with the legendary El Dorado’s supposed location. The bull’s strength and endurance mirror the challenging and often harsh landscapes explorers would have encountered in search of mythical cities. Cobalt’s representation as a bull encapsulates the tenacity and determination associated with the quest for El Dorado.

When Cobalt charges into battle, he transforms into an unstoppable force, with his superpowers “Bull Rush” and “Hard Hitter”, enabling him to outmanoeuvre the dragon’s attacks.

In this round, traders could participate in the trading volume competition to win their share of up to 100K USDT. This prize pool doubles if the objective of the competition-wide cumulative trade volume being greater than or equal to 1,000,000,000 USDT is met.

The grand finale of The Dragon’s Treasure

We have journeyed through six chapters of thrilling adventures and introduced you to the epic saga of six noble heroes on a quest to vanquish Genslayer the Dragon. Now, we invite you to gear up for the grand finale next week, where the battle reaches its peak and the stakes are higher than ever. A supersized prize pool awaits those who dare to take up this challenge.