Flipster Earn Campaign

Make your crypto work harder. Deposit USDT to earn high APR even as you trade.


Earn and trade simultaneously

Get the most out of your USDT assets with the Flipster Earn Campaign. Deposit USDT to Flipster to double the opportunities to earn: use the USDT funds as margin for trading while accruing rewards at the same time. Earn rewards on your USDT wallet balance as you make your moves, and even when you’re not. Open positions using your USDT wallet balance as margin with up to 100x leverage to increase your potential gains. To top it off, the same funds you use to go long or short will generate a stream of passive returns for you. The Flipster Earn Campaign provides the most competitive APR, to ensure you get the best returns. To top it off, you can earn returns on your entire USDT deposit, up to a maximum of $1 million. Take advantage of the high allocation limit by depositing more USDT to earn more daily returns. While anticipating news on the next big altcoin, your USDT doesn't have to sit idly in your wallet. Speed is currency, and every second counts when trading crypto. When the time comes to capitalize on market movements, you’ll be ready to get in on the action with Flipster, the go-to for serious traders. We’re committed to offering the world’s first perpetual futures listings at the best prices and deepest liquidity—all with zero trading fees. Never choose again – trade and earn rewards at the same time with our Earn Campaign, the easiest and most flexible way to grow your crypto holdings. Deposit USDT to start earning today. Most competitive APR Get the best APR for the highest potential rate of return on your USDT funds. Double opportunities Make your crypto assets work twice as hard for you. Trade while earning rewards at the same time on your USDT funds. Automated distribution Rewards accrue daily and are directly paid to your account the next day. You don’t need to redeem or claim it. Flexible earn Access your USDT funds and accrued rewards at any time, with no lock-in period whatsoever. Go long or short to capitalize on market movements while earning passive returns. Earn effortlessly All you need to do is deposit USDT into Flipster to start earning rewards.


Deposit USDT to earn high APR

1. Sign up or log in to your Flipster account and click [Earn]. 2. Make a deposit in USDT. 3. Earn more rewards by depositing more USDT to Flipster.


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