Instant Flip: Reverse positions in one click

Flip on the go quickly to capitalize on market movements ahead of the competition.


What is Instant Flip

With the Instant Flip feature, all it takes is one tap to instantly reverse an existing position and open a new position in the opposite direction (long/short). Make adjustments to your trading strategies quickly and easily in response to changing market conditions and sentiments, to seize opportunities or safeguard investments. Speed Execute trades quickly in just one click to capture time-sensitive trading opportunities. Traders who anticipate a sudden trend reversal can quickly switch positions to align with the new market direction. Risk Management Limit losses or lock in profits by responding quickly to sudden market reversals. Simple An easy-to-use feature that eliminates the need for multiple, manual steps in changing a trading position.


How Instant Flip works

When you use the Instant Flip feature, two simultaneous actions are executed: the closing of an open position, and the opening of a new position in the opposite direction. [How To Use Instant Flip] 1. Download the Flipster app. Create an account and complete identity verification. 2. Navigate to the [Trade] tab. Under [Open Positions], identify an existing position you wish to use Instant Flip. 3. If you’re holding a long position, the [Flip to short] button will appear, and vice versa. Long to Short When a trader decides to use Instant Flip for a long position, the exit price is the Best Bid Price. Simultaneously, the new opposite position (short) is also opened at this Best Bid Price. Short to Long For a short position, the exit price is the Best Ask Price. Simultaneously, the new opposite position (long) is established at this Best Ask Price.


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