Up to 300,000 USDT in Prizes

A total prize pool of 1 million USDT awaits the most skillful traders over a duration of seven weeks. This event is the grand finale in a series of nine challenges in 'The Dragon's Treasure'.


Chapter 7: End Game

The grand finale of 'The Dragon's Treasure' brings three trading competitions that offer supersized rewards. As the story reaches its climax, the six tribes unite in a strategic three-pronged assault against the formidable Genslayer at three critical locations: the tower, the laboratory, and the gate, ensuring that Genslayer is besieged from all sides in a spectacular crescendo. The fate of the six tribes precariously hinges on the outcomes of these battles that will take place simultaneously, as they strive to overpower Genslayer and claim victory. Two of the trading competitions, named 'The Lab' and 'The Tower' are exclusive and invite-only. Eligible participants who meet the specific requirements would have been notified through an email invitation on Christmas. The third trading competition, 'The Gate' is open to all, and anyone can participate without any deposit requirement. Rise to the occasion and join the battle. Every trade is a crucial attack against the evil dragon–Genslayer's health points (HP) worth 3,000,000,000 USDT in trading volume, is directly tied to your collective trading efforts. Hitting the 3,000,000,000 USDT trading volume mark will not only make the dragon retreat but also double the initial rewards for the top trading warriors. [The Gate: Trading Volume Competition] The top 300 traders ranked by trading volume will share 31,100 USDT worth of prizes, with the first 10 places getting a combination of bonus and USDT*. This prize pool doubles if the objective is met. Register to participate in the trading volume competition. To claim rewards, you must trade at least 100,000 USDT in volume. To receive rewards in USDT, you must accumulate a total trading volume of 1,000,000 USDT or more, if this isn’t met then you will get the value as Bonus. Special features Chapter 7: End Game will conclude when competition-wide cumulative trade volume hits 3,000,000,000 USDT. Rewards will be doubled if the competition-wide cumulative trade volume is greater than or equal to 3,000,000,000 USDT.


Previously on The Dragon’s Treasure

[Recap] Six noble heroes are on a quest to vanquish a formidable evil known as Genslayer, a powerful dragon whose unmatched strength had terrorized their once peaceful homelands for 400 years. Ever since the arrival of Genslayer, his attack has reduced the lands of the 6 neighboring tribes to dust and rubble, and he has since continued to cause misery and wreak havoc on the people. But all is not lost. In secret, the six tribes teamed up to begin work on a plan to strike back at Genslayer, each building a mech suit in secret and waiting till the day they would wage war against the dragon and free their ancestral lands. Each tribe selected their bravest and most worthy champion to wear the mech suit in a face-off against Genslayer, marking the beginning of a war. To restore peace to their villages, these heroes will have to journey through a series of nine trials and banish this evil from the world. [Chapter Six Conclusion] The sky above El Dorado turned to a canvas of fire and ash as the final battle commenced. Cobalt the Steadfast stands ready, his senses heightened. As the dragon unleashes his fiery wrath, Cobalt moves with an otherworldly grace. He is a force of nature, his every step and strike guided by the Earth's whispers. In the first moments of the battle, Genslayer expected to engage in a familiar dance of attack and defense, but Cobalt had something else in mind. As Genslayer breathed out a sea of fire, Cobalt the Steadfast dove straight into the dragon's wrath of flames that was roaring towards him. The people of El Dorado gasped, but their hero was not aiming for the dragon. Instead, he struck the ground with all his might, tapping into the veins of the earth, a hidden network of spiritual energy that coursed through the land of El Dorado. The ground beneath Genslayer erupted with a surge of wild, untamed magic. The earth, a conduit of ancient power, created a vortex of energy that ensnared Genslayer, forcefully binding him with bands of light. Genslayer roared in frustration, his fiery breath turning the night into day. The more he struggled, the tighter the magical bonds held. Seizing the moment, Cobalt the Steadfast launched himself at the dragon with a series of precise, strategic strikes. The dragon then decides to employ a more insidious tactic, weaving a spell of shadows designed to infiltrate Cobalt's mind, to turn his fears against him. But Cobalt was not alone. The people of El Dorado channel their will into aiding their champion, using their knowledge of the terrain to create traps and diversions, weakening Genslayer's defenses. In a spectacular display of unity, they summon the spirits of the forest to form a spectral army, surrounding the dragon from all sides. The source of the magic from the earth was so overwhelmingly pure that it neutralized the dragon’s dark energies, reducing the intensity of his power. Cobalt the Steadfast, feeling the jungle's heartbeat grow more rapid, knows it's time to end the battle. He calls upon the Earth's full fury, a wave of raw energy that Cobalt channels directly at Genslayer. The dragon is struck not just by the physical force but by the weight of the Earth's ancient wrath. He crashes to the ground, defeated, his scales smoldering, his eyes wide with shock. In pain, Genslayer retreats to heal his battered body, his roars fading into the distance. This time, Cobalt the Steadfast has bought precious time for El Dorado, its people safe for now, but the threat of Genslayer looms like a dark cloud on the horizon. Cobalt knows this is but a respite, a moment to heal and to strengthen their might. As night falls, the people of El Dorado and the other five tribes know that this is but a moment to heal and strengthen their might, and they take comfort in their alliance and support of one another, that when Genslayer returns, they will face him together. [Chapter Seven] In a world where the lives of the six tribes teetered on the brink of despair, they found a common enemy in Genslayer the Dragon. His towering castle, a jagged silhouette against the ash-filled sky, stood as a stark reminder of the looming threat over their lands. A majestic city gate surrounded the bold structure. This was where he plotted the downfall of the six tribes, his twisted mind supercharged by a ruthless ambition to reign over all the lands. Whispers of Genslayer's sinister designs reached the tribes through a network of spies, courageous souls sent in by the tribes who infiltrated the depths of the dragon's castle stronghold. The intelligence they gathered was chilling: Genslayer was close to completing a weapon of mass destruction that could annihilate the tribes and unleash unspeakable devastation upon the fate of the world. With each passing moment, his ambitious plan comes closer to fruition. This revelation ignited a spark of urgency among the tribes to forge a grand alliance and thwart the dragon's diabolical machinations. The heroes from each of the six tribes, each bringing their unique strengths and resources to the table, crafted a strategic plan, which was to be a tri-pronged assault. This would be their endgame, a final bid to save their world from his tyrannical rule once and for all. The outcome of these battles will decide the fate of the six tribes, and with it, the final chapter in the saga of Genslayer the Dragon and the brave warriors who dared to challenge him. The Tower As dawn paints the sky with hues of crimson and gold, Orangekong the Trickster and Goldenlola the Nimble prepare to make their perilous descent. Their parachutes, woven from the finest silks of their homelands, flutter in the wind as they leap from the back of a great eagle, the last of its kind, who was willing to aid them in their quest. The air at this height is thin, carrying whispers of ancient incantations, as the duo glide through the mists, their parachutes mere specks against the vastness of the tower. The tower looms beneath them, its black spire piercing the morning light. Its apex, a jagged crown against the sky, holds the throne of the dragon, an opulent room steeped in darkness, where light fears to tread. Landing deftly on the balcony of the throne room, Orangekong and Goldenlola are immediately greeted by the oppressive atmosphere of the chamber. The walls are lined with tapestries depicting Genslayer's victories, each a haunting reminder of the extent of his cruelty and power. Their mission was to battle against Genslayer. They must navigate a labyrinth of traps and deceit, for at the heart of this darkness lies Genslayer. Orangekong, master of illusions, weaves a tapestry of deceptive light, casting phantoms that dance along the walls. At the same time, Goldenlola, swift as the wind, moves with a grace that defies the gravity of her situation. Orangekong quickly deploys his Mirage of Illusions, creating duplicates of himself to confuse any spies or magical alarms. Goldenlola, using her Leap of Prophecy, scouts ahead, her eyes catching glimpses of the future to anticipate and counter every trap and ambush. They move with precision, each step measured, each breath a whisper. The throne, a monstrosity of bone and obsidian, sits unoccupied – Genslayer is expecting them. As they advance into the inner depths of the room, Genslayer’s massive form emerges from the shadows, commencing the battle. The Laboratory Beneath the castle, hidden from the prying eyes of the world, lies the secret laboratory of Genslayer. An alchemist's nightmare, this was where the laws of nature are bent and broken. In the heart of this abyss stands the dragon's secret weapon, a construct of malevolence that threatens the balance of the world. Redheart the Valiant and Jadeking the Ferocious located a secret portal to the laboratory, an inconspicuous entrance beneath a desolate tree, concealed by the dark energies emanating from under the ground. Teleporting through the castle's arcane defenses, they find themselves in a cavernous hall, the air thick with the smell of chemicals and sorcery. Here, machines of war are born, a grotesque fusion of magic and machinery. Redheart begins to smash through the reinforced doors and strikes against the metallic beasts that guard this sanctum, while Jadeking, blends into the shadows, his blades singing a silent song of death, as he moves to disable the laboratory's power source. Their mission is to find the weapon of mass destruction, a dark crystal, and dismantle its destructive energy using explosive runes taught by their ancestors, before obliterating the entire laboratory, to severe the dragon's dream of dominion. The Gate As the morning mist begins to lift, a colossal spaceship, an engineering and magical marvel, descends from the ash-filled sky. The vessel, a creation borne out of the six tribes' unity and determination, hovers imposingly above Genslayer's castle. Bluesteel the Bold and Cobalt the Steadfast stand at the forefront, gazing down at the castle gate below. Around them, the people of the six tribes prepare for their descent, driven not just by the desire to help their six heroes defeat Genslayer, but also by the allure of the legendary treasures rumored to be hoarded within his castle. As the gate crumbles, the heroes will lead the tribes inside to claim the hoarded treasures, which they can then use to rebuild their homelands. The spaceship lands with a gentle thud on the outskirts of the castle grounds. The ramp lowers, and Bluesteel and Cobalt lead the charge towards the gate. A monolith of dark, enchanted stone, the gate is etched with scars of past battles and draconic runes. The ground trembles under the weight of the gathered army from all six tribes. As they approach the gate, they see it guarded by Genslayer's elite warriors, ghostly figures as black as night. The synergy between Bluesteel the Bold and Cobalt the Steadfast was undeniable; Bluesteel's seismic stomp sent shockwaves through the enemy ranks, while Cobalt's bull rush ploughed through any who dared stand in their way. Their goal was to keep the path clear for the people, who surged forward to claim their right, their share of the treasures hoarded by Genslayer. With a deafening roar, Cobalt charges forward and smashes into the gate with his horns. The impact sends shockwaves through the ground, cracking the stone. Bluesteel stomps the ground, amplifying the tremors, causing the castle walls to tremor. The gate begins to crumble, and a path opens. The people surged forward in multiple waves, determined to aid in the final battle and lay claim to the dragon's treasures. The air is filled with the clangor of swords and the shouts of warriors. Every strike, every spell, and every maneuver brings them closer to victory or defeat. Will the heroes emerge victorious, or will Genslayer's dark reign continue? The answer lies in the heart of the battle, a tale of courage yet to be told.


Enter the battle.