Flipster’s Referral Program

Invite your friends to Flipster and start earning together.


Refer to earn

Our referral program is here for all. Refer an unlimited number of friends to Flipster to earn rewards together. Spread your love for Flipster to your friends, and let them in on the opportunity to earn up to 110 USDT in bonus to sweeten the deal. As the referrer, you can earn uncapped commissions in the form of USDT, plus up to 1055 USDT in bonus on every referee. Your referral link includes a unique referral code that is accessible in the Flipster app. If you're having trouble finding it, ensure you have the latest version of our mobile app installed.


How it works

To qualify for rewards, complete the following steps: [Share your unique link] Refer your friends to Flipster using your referral link which includes a unique referral code. You can refer an unlimited number of users. [Invite your friends] Ensure your friends fulfill the following tasks to be qualified as referred users: 1) Register for a new Flipster account and complete identity verification. 2) Deposit a cumulative amount of ≥ 50 USDT within 7 days of account registration. 3) Accumulate a trading volume of ≥ 10,000 USDT within 30 days of account registration. [Earn exclusive rewards] 1) Qualification bonus Referees who have been successfully qualified can earn up to 100 USDT in bonus. 2) Trading bonus: Within 90 days of account registration, earn a reward for each of your qualified referree that achieves a certain trading volume tier. ≥ 100,000 USDT: Referrers can earn 5 USDT in bonus, while referees can earn 10 USDT in bonus. ≥ 500,000 USDT: Referrers can earn a random reward worth up to 50 USDT in bonus. ≥ 1,000,000 USDT: Referrers can earn a random reward worth up to 1000 USDT in bonus. 3) Trading commissions As the referrer, you can earn uncapped commissions in USDT on your qualified referees' trading volume within 180 days of their account registration. Only qualified referees contributing trading volumes of 100,000 USDT value or greater within 90 days of account registration will be considered under the calculation of commissions. Calculation: 0.3bp of qualified referee’s trading volume beyond their initial 10,000 USDT value.


Terms and conditions