Flipster’s Referral Plus Program

Tap into a world of rewards with the world's fastest-growing trading platform.


Be part of an exclusive Referral Plus community

Flipster's Referral Plus program is an exclusive, high-value opportunity designed for a distinguished circle of creators from communities with notable track records in terms of quality and commercial value. As part of this exclusive group, you will join a network of reputable content creators who have already earned over 3 million in commissions since the launch of our program. Capitalize on this unique opportunity to partner with the world’s fastest-growing exchange and number #1 derivatives trading platform for altcoin liquidity. This exclusive program has limited spaces, if you own a sizable crypto community we hope you will join our waitlist. Be rewarded for your impact in driving new users to our platform and creating value for us. Build a potential passive income stream by talking about Flipster.


More rewards for you and your referred users

As you bring in new users, both referrer and referees gain access to a suite of exclusive rewards. New users have to fulfill the following tasks to be qualified as referred users: 1) Complete identity verification. 2) Deposit a cumulative amount of ≥ 50 USDT within 7 days of registration. 3) Accumulate a trading volume of ≥ 10,000 USDT within 7 days of registration. Offer 1 Earn uncapped commissions on the total trading volume of the users you refer: Trading Commissions = Trading Volume x 0.5bp of qualified referee’s trading volume beyond their initial 10,000 USDT value. Offer 2 New users who join Flipster using your Referral Plus code will earn up to 110 USDT in bonus, while you can earn up to 1105 USDT in bonus as the referrer. Here’s an overview: - Qualification bonus After being qualified as referred users, referees can earn up to 100 USDT in bonus. - Trading bonus You can earn a random one-time reward on each of your referee who achieve a certain trading volume tier, beyond their initial 10,000 USDT value. Trading volume tiers: Tier 1 ≥ $100,000: Referrers can earn 5 USDT in bonus, while referees can earn 10 USDT in bonus Tier 2 ≥ $500,000: Referrer can earn a random reward of up to 100 USDT in bonus Tier 3 ≥ $1,000,000: Referrer can earn a random reward of up to 1000 USDT in bonus


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