Flipster VIP Program

Become a Flipster VIP for trading fee rebates and to earn daily rewards in the Flipster VIP Earn Pool.


Join Flipster’s VIP circle for exclusive perks

The Flipster VIP Program offers high-volume traders the opportunity to become a VIP with us for exclusive benefits, including trading fee rebates of 0.1 bps on your trading volume, and the opportunity to participate in the Flipster VIP Earn Pool. With Flipster VIP Earn Pool, your USDT doesn't have to sit idly in your wallet while you anticipate news on the next big altcoin. Earn on your USDT funds as you strategize on your next moves, ready to be used when an investment opportunity presents itself. Become a Flipster VIP to join the VIP Earn Pool. In just the first week of the VIP Earn Pool’s launch, the highest reward earned in a week by a user was 1567.61 USDT. All you need to do is deposit USDT to start earning from a VIP-exclusive 2K USDT daily prize pool. Join now to earn rewards and grow your wallet balance. Speed is currency, and every second counts when trading crypto. When the time comes to capitalize on market movements, you’ll be ready to get in on the action with Flipster, the go-to for traders who are serious about investing. On top of being the number one trading platform for altcoin derivatives, we’re also consistently the world’s first for perpetual futures listings. Traders can go long or short on over 200+ coins not readily found on other futures trading platforms and some with low visibility in spot markets. Our lightning-fast app and thick liquidity ensures your market orders get executed swiftly, even when the market gets busy. For more information, please refer to the terms and conditions.


Earn Today. Trade Tomorrow.

1. Trade more than or equal to 5,000,000 USDT within a 15-day period to be awarded VIP status. 2. Convert existing crypto in your wallet or make a deposit in USDT. 3. Earn a bigger share of a 2,000 USDT daily prize pool by increasing your USDT wallet balance on Flipster.


Terms and conditions