Trade AEVO with Leverage


Aevo (AEVO) is a layer-2 based decentralized exchange (DEX) specializing in crypto derivatives trading, including perpetual futures. Aevo aims to make derivative trading, which is typically complex and requires high minimum capital, more accessible. Aevo operates on a custom Ethereum Layer 2 rollup solution. This technical approach aims to offer the security of the Ethereum blockchain while potentially enabling faster transaction processing and lower fees compared to traditional Layer 1 transactions on Ethereum. AEVO serves primarily as a governance and staking asset within the platform. By staking AEVO, users receive sAEVO, which represents their staking ownership and provides enhanced governance rights. Holders of sAEVO possess double the voting power compared to AEVO token holders, enabling them to propose changes and influence the platform's development. Additionally, AEVO token holders benefit from reduced trading fees on the platform.