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SingularityNET (AGIX) is an open-source and decentralized platform that aims to democratize access to Artificial Intelligence (AI) services globally. By establishing a marketplace where individuals and businesses can create, share, and monetize AI services, SingularityNET fosters a collaborative environment for the advancement of artificial technology. AGIX is the native utility token of SingularityNET and is used for facilitating transactions within the platform’s decentralized marketplace for AI services, staking, and engaging in governance decisions. The platform offers an automated process for businesses to integrate existing AI tools, enabling them to build customized solutions efficiently. Additionally, SingularityNET serves as a launchpad for AI developers, allowing them to monetize their creations and contribute to a global AI ecosystem. AI developers can publish their AI tools on the SingularityNET network and offer them for sale on the marketplace. Users worldwide can access these services by utilizing the platform's native utility token, AGIX, which also plays a role in decentralized community governance. SingularityNET empowers users to access AI resources previously available primarily to large corporations. Through a growing library of AI algorithms contributed by a diverse community of service providers, users can integrate AI services into their applications. The platform's publishing infrastructure centralizes the creation, editing, and management of AI services, facilitating their launch to a global market. SingularityNET is committed to advancing the development of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) with the vision of achieving a technological singularity. This AGI would operate, learn, and evolve akin to a living organism, aiming to enhance AI technology for the betterment of humanity.