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AltLayer (ALT) is a blockchain platform focusing on enhancing the deployment and functionality of Layer 2 rollups. Its goal is to simplify the creation of high-performing Layer 2 solutions, making them more accessible and less technically demanding. AltLayer allows for the quick setup of Layer 2 rollups, significantly reducing the need for extensive programming skills. The platform introduces Restaked Rollups to address three main challenges faced by Layer 2 networks: limited validator participation, slow Ethereum Layer 1 finality times, and reliance on centralized sequencer nodes. Utilizing the EigenLayer Ethereum restaking protocol, AltLayer aims to decentralize sequencing, improve verification processes, and hasten finality, thus improving Layer 2 network standards. AltLayer's Rollup-as-a-Service (RaaS) is built on a modular architecture, offering flexibility in runtime environments, data availability, and settlement layers. This architecture supports the deployment of diverse rollups and emphasizes interoperability and scalability. It accommodates EVM and WebAssembly (Wasm) runtimes, catering to a wide range of blockchain applications and ecosystems. The platform incorporates features such as fraud proofs, which are available to all network users, thereby increasing transparency and trust. AltLayer also introduces a tiered finality system with its Beacon Layer and disposable, adjustable flash layer rollups. These innovations cater to various applications, from those needing temporary capacity boosts to those requiring consistent performance.