Trade ANKR with Leverage


Ankr (ANKR) is a blockchain-based infrastructure and cloud services provider. Ankr aims to simplify the deployment and management of blockchain nodes, making it more accessible for developers and businesses to participate in decentralized networks. ANKR is the native cryptocurrency of the Ankr platform and plays a central role within the Ankr ecosystem, facilitating various functions such as payment for services, staking, and governance participation. As a utility token, ANKR is used to pay for accessing and utilizing the services offered by the Ankr platform. These services include hosting and deploying blockchain nodes, accessing data storage solutions, and utilizing developer tools for building decentralized applications (dApps). Users can stake ANKR tokens to access discounted rates or additional features within the platform, incentivizing long-term engagement and investment. In addition to its utility function, ANKR tokens also serve as a governance mechanism within the Ankr ecosystem. Token holders have the opportunity to participate in decision-making processes related to the development and direction of the platform.