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ARPA Chain is a Layer-2 scaling solution that emphasizes privacy preservation within blockchain networks. It employs Secure Multi-Party Computation (SMPC) and secret-sharing technologies to ensure data privacy and computational accuracy across transactions. This innovative approach not only enhances transaction speeds for blockchain networks but also maintains strict data privacy and security standards. The APRA network has two main layers: the service layer, which manages the threshold BLS signature scheme that facilitates decentralized, tamper-proof signatures adaptable across multiple blockchains, and the provision layer, which manages nodes and broadcasts information. A "controller" smart contract is used to manage dynamic global states, and unregistered nodes must interact with it to register and communicate with other nodes. For better throughput and availability, the network divides nodes into groups to handle BLS signature tasks in parallel. The "controller" smart contract also initiates node grouping and stores this information. The grouping process involves a Distributed Key Generation (DKG) process, coordinated by a "coordinator" smart contract, which then provides proof of DKG completion to the "controller" for verification. This ensures secure, decentralized, and efficient operation across the ARPA Network. The ARPA token, native to the ARPA network, plays a crucial role in its ecosystem. It is used as a reward for node operators completing computation tasks, as a currency for service fees by clients requiring computation services, and as collateral for security deposits by node operators setting up computation nodes. This multifaceted utility underscores ARPA's commitment to network security and operational efficiency.