Trade BLUR with Leverage


Blur (BLUR) is a non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace and aggregator that focuses on efficiency and user-centric features. The platform offers zero transaction fees, the flexibility of creator royalties, and insights into trending NFTs. Blur also introduces airdrops as rewards for user participation, aiming to increase both engagement and liquidity. Blur offers advanced NFT trading features such as real-time price feeds, multi-marketplace NFT comparisons, and NFT sweeping feature, on top of an intuitive user interface. The BLUR token is essential for transactions and governance within the ecosystem, with 51% of the tokens distributed to the community. This allocation supports a decentralized approach to governance and incentivizes active community involvement. Blur's process for listing NFT collections is community-driven, relying on feedback and requests from the Discord channel. This approach ensures a curated selection of NFTs, catering to a wide range of traders and maintaining the platform's commitment to quality and diversity.