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Nervos Network (CKB) is an open-source blockchain ecosystem focusing on solving scalability and interoperability issues in Layer 1 blockchains. It uses a dual-layer architecture: the first layer, known as the Common Knowledge Base (CKB) Layer 1, operates on a proof of work (PoW) mechanism to provide consensus and support for the ecosystem’s applications. The second layer is designed for high-performance transactions and privacy, handling the computation and transaction processing off-chain to improve scalability and efficiency. The native token of the Nervos Network, CKB, serves as a right to occupy state storage space within the network, akin to Bitcoin's UTXO model. This allows for a dynamic and secure environment for token exchanges and establishes a sustainable economic model for the ecosystem. Nervos Network's approach, featuring a layered architecture and a sustainable economic model, aims to deliver a scalable, interoperable, and secure platform for developers and users. It leverages the security of a PoW consensus mechanism and enables the development of applications that can operate across different blockchains.