Trade CRV with Leverage


Curve (CRV) is a cryptocurrency associated with the Curve Finance decentralized exchange and liquidity pool protocol. Launched in August 2020, Curve Finance aims to provide low-slippage and low-fee transactions for users seeking to swap stablecoins on the Ethereum blockchain. Curve Finance achieves this by utilizing automated market maker (AMM) algorithms tailored specifically for stablecoin assets, enhancing efficiency in stablecoin swaps. Users can provide liquidity to the Curve Finance pools by depositing stablecoins into the liquidity pools and, in return, receive CRV tokens as a reward for their participation. This process is part of the platform's liquidity mining incentives to encourage users to contribute to the liquidity and stability of the Curve Finance ecosystem. CRV serves as the native governance token of the Curve Finance protocol. Holders of CRV can participate in the decision-making processes related to the development and governance of the Curve Finance platform. This includes voting on proposals to adjust parameters such as fees, pool parameters, and integrations with other DeFi protocols.