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CyberConnect (CYBER) protocol is a blockchain-based platform aiming to revolutionize social networking by empowering users with ownership and control over their digital identities and online interactions. CyberConnect aims to move away from centralized control of user data. It utilizes blockchain technology to enable users to create portable social profiles (CyberAccounts) that they can own and manage independently. These CyberAccounts can potentially be used across various social dApps (decentralized applications) built on the CyberConnect protocol. CyberConnect (CYBER) is the native token of the CyberConnect protocol and token holders have voting rights on key decisions shaping the future of the CyberConnect protocol such as selecting which social dApps to integrate, setting fee structures for using various features within the ecosystem, and voting on protocol upgrades for scalability and security. Additionally, CYBER tokens can be used for staking and payment on the platform.