Trade FET with Leverage


Fetch.ai (FET) is a decentralized machine learning platform designed to facilitate autonomous agent systems and the deployment of artificial intelligence (AI) in decentralized networks. Launched in 2019, Fetch.ai aims to create an economic internet—an environment where digital entities can conduct transactions and communicate with each other independently, optimizing their operations without human intervention. The native utility token of the Fetch.ai ecosystem is FET, which is used as a medium of exchange for transactions between agents, payment for accessing and deploying AI and machine learning services on the platform, and for staking to participate in the network's governance and security mechanisms. Fetch.ai has a multi-agent system architecture, wherein each agent represents a digital entity capable of performing certain tasks autonomously, such as data sharing, processing, or negotiating transactions. These agents operate within the Fetch.ai ledger, a high-throughput blockchain designed to support complex computations and interactions among a vast number of agents in real-time, ensuring scalability and efficiency. Fetch.ai’s integration of blockchain technology with artificial intelligence and machine learning, facilitates a self-organizing network of agents capable of solving complex optimization problems and providing solutions across various industries, including finance, transportation, energy, and supply chain management. This is achieved through the use of smart ledgers, which combine aspects of smart contracts with AI functionalities to enable more sophisticated decision-making and automation capabilities. Fetch.ai's consensus mechanism is designed to be scalable and energy-efficient, allowing for rapid transaction processing and low operational costs, to support real-time applications requiring high computational power and quick data exchange.