Trade GLM with Leverage


Golem Network (GLM) aims to democratize access to cloud computing by utilizing idle processing power in a decentralized, peer-to-peer model. The Golem Network Token (GLM) supports a marketplace for the exchange of computational resources, allowing hardware owners to earn passive income. Launched in 2015, the platform addresses high costs and barriers in acquiring computational hardware, and concerns over data control by cloud providers. By using spare computing capacity from internet-connected devices, Golem offers a solution to leverage collective computational power. The ecosystem is open-source and encourages contributions from developers worldwide, enabling tasks such as CGI rendering, machine learning, and scientific calculations to be completed using its network. Golem connects those in need of computational power with providers through a market mechanism, facilitated by the GLM token for transactions. Golem has evolved since its launch, adapting to community feedback and technological changes. It has expanded its capabilities from 3D rendering to a variety of computational tasks. The introduction of New Golem marks a step towards challenging conventional cloud computing platforms by providing a more accessible and flexible option.