Trade GPT with Leverage


QnA3.AI (GPT) is a platform that connects users to the Web3 ecosystem, providing a comprehensive suite of tools aimed at enhancing user interaction and investment strategies in the crypto space. The QnA3.AI platform utilizes a state-of-the-art (SOTA) AI model combined with an extensive knowledge graph tailored for the web3 industry, to accurately interpret user queries, streamline the navigation of market hotspots, and mitigate information asymmetries, to assist users in integrating knowledge acquisition with trading functions. The platform offers an advanced technical analysis toolkit, featuring real-time cryptocurrency technical indicators and a database of market news, enabling users to monitor and understand market trends, to make informed trading decisions. QnA3.AI simplifies the trading process by allowing users to execute purchase orders directly on the platform. It optimizes trading channels to ensure minimal slippage and transaction fees, improving the cost efficiency of investment operations. QnA3.AI integrates interactive and engaging features such as the "Horse Racing" game, where users employ the GPT token to predict and wager on the week's trending questions. This gamification aspect not only enhances user engagement but also provides opportunities to earn credits, increasing the visibility and popularity of questions in a competitive setting. The platform also supports advertising opportunities, where GPT can be used to purchase prominent advertisement slots, increasing content visibility while supporting the ecosystem through a GPT buy-back program. QnA3.AI offers extended query quotas and special content access, where users can utilize GPT tokens to access additional services, such as enhanced bot interactions and exclusive research reports as NFTs. The ve33 model enables GPT holders to obtain 'vetokens' through staking, granting them influence over platform governance decisions.