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Highstreet (HIGH) is an innovative play-to-earn metaverse that seamlessly combines elements of commerce, gaming, NFTs, and both traditional and crypto spaces into a cohesive MMORPG game experience. It introduces a unique concept by converting real-world items into "phygital" objects, which can either be traded as physical products or as digital components or complete phygital pairs within its metaverse, known as Highstreet World. This approach aims to revolutionize e-commerce and retail for the Web3 era by integrating shopping with gaming, offering a novel way for brands to engage with consumers through both digital and physical realms. The Highstreet metaverse is constructed with hexagonal tiles, representing metaverse construction components, which include reserved tiles for Residential Properties within Highstreet Regions. Players have the opportunity to own and develop these tiles, promoting a sense of community and ownership within the virtual world. Highstreet also features a dual token economy model, comprising HIGH tokens and STREET tokens, which serve as the in-game currency. This model ensures that early participants are adequately rewarded while subsequent players can still enjoy the game without experiencing high inflation. STREET tokens, akin to SLP in Axie Infinity, can be earned through activities such as monster hunting and completing quests, and are used for all in-game transactions. Moreover, Highstreet places a strong emphasis on virtual real estate, where players can acquire "homes" through Initial Home Offerings (IHOs) and potentially earn from the economic activities within their regions. The integration of VR technology aims to offer an immersive user experience, with features like personal embodiment capture using Tafi avatar SDK, social interaction through the Unity Multiplay game engine, and VR analytics through gaze analytics by Retinad.