Trade ID with Leverage


SPACE ID (ID) is a project that emerged in the Web3 domain management space, aiming to transform the way users interact with blockchain technologies through a universal name service network. Established in the third quarter of 2022, SPACE ID has rapidly gained attention and support for its innovative approach to web3 domain registration, resolution, management, and governance. SPACE ID facilitates the ownership and management of web3 domains across various blockchains, such as BNB Chain and Arbitrum, akin to the functionalities provided by the Ethereum Name Service. These domains serve as human-readable addresses that simplify the process of accessing DApps, smart contracts, NFTs, and other blockchain-based resources. A significant feature of SPACE ID is its Web3 Name SDK and API, which allows developers to integrate web3 domain functionalities seamlessly into diverse applications. The initiative was propelled forward by its native governance token, ID, introduced via a highly successful auction on the Binance Launchpad platform in March 2023. The ID token plays a pivotal role in the ecosystem, granting holders the right to partake in governance decisions, thus ensuring the project remains community-driven and aligned with user interests. Behind SPACE ID is a team of engineers and web3 enthusiasts, backed by notable investors such as Binance Labs, Polychain Capital, and dao5, with a collective expertise in blockchain development, smart contract security, user interface design, and community building.