Trade LINA with Leverage


Linear Finance (LINA) is a non-custodial, cross-chain compatible, delta-one asset protocol designed to provide users fair access to a wide range of digital and traditional assets. It achieves this by offering various derivatives for trading in both spot and futures markets. Built on Ethereum, it boasts cross-chain compatibility, allowing users to engage in trading and staking across different blockchain ecosystems. The heart of the protocol is its collateralized debt pool, which users contribute to in order to mint the protocol's native stablecoin, Linear USD (ℓUSD). This stablecoin can then be used to trade synthetic assets on the platform. The governance and security of the platform are underpinned by its native token, LINA, which also serves as a governance token. The Linear ecosystem is powered by the LINA token, which covers several primary use cases including staking, governance, liquidity mining, and transactional fees. The ecosystem also encourages proper over-collateralization for synthetic assets through a rewards system. This system includes inflation and exchange rewards for maintaining the required pledge ratio, which ensures the overall health and stability of the platform. Linear Finance has developed several decentralized applications (DApps) within its ecosystem, such as Linear Buildr, Linear Vault, and Linear Exchange. Linear Buildr allows users to manage collateral pools for creating and burning Liquids using LINA as the base collateral. Linear Vault enables users to generate high yields and earn passive income through staking ℓUSD or liquidity pool tokens, while Linear Exchange offers a platform for users to spend ℓUSD on liquid versions of assets like commodities and cryptocurrencies. Additionally, the Linear Swap feature facilitates cross-chain compatibility, allowing users to swap Linear-based tokens to other blockchain formats.