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Manta Network (MANTA) is an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-compatible platform focusing on zero-knowledge (ZK) application management. It offers scalability and security across a multi-modular framework, allowing users access to two blockchains and various Web3 development tools. The network is developed by p0xeidon labs, a team with members from Harvard, MIT, and Algorand, aiming to advance Web3 innovation and blockchain scalability by utilizing zero-knowledge proofs. The MANTA token, with a total supply of 1 billion, plays a key role in the network's economy, supporting community rewards, developer payments, and governance. Utilizing zero-knowledge proofs and Polygon zkEVM rollups, Manta Network processes transactions and generates proofs efficiently. This approach, integrated with Celestia's modularity, enhances data storage and retrieval, supports smart contracts, and facilitates software integration. Manta Network consists of two main components: Manta Pacific, a Layer 2 network providing ZK capabilities with low transaction fees through Universal Circuits 2.0, and Manta Atlantic, a Layer 1 network that supports zero-knowledge NFT creation, staking, and coin minting. Manta Fest is an initiative designed to encourage community engagement and reward participation. The Manta Ecosystem Grants Program supports projects focused on expanding the ecosystem or improving decentralized privacy. Manta Network's roadmap includes the launch of Manta Pacific's mainnet, modular data availability integration, a transition to zkEVM, and smart contract upgrades, aiming to improve modularity, decentralization, and ZK technology integration, with the goal of reducing gas costs and transaction times.