Trade NTRN with Leverage


Neutron (NTRN) is a cross-chain smart contract platform embedded in the Cosmos ecosystem that empowers developers and facilitates the seamless deployment of decentralized finance applications (dApps) across multiple blockchains. Neutron leverages the Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC), allowing developers to construct secure and scalable cross-chain dApps. The platform also uses CosmWasm, a robust virtual machine that thwarts common attack vectors targeted at smart contracts helping the platform achieve security at a reduced cost. NTRN is the native token of the Neutron ecosystem and plays a pivotal role in network transactions, governance decisions, liquidity provision, collateral, and rewarding participants. By harnessing the full spectrum of Interchain features in a single, permissionless deployment, Neutron aims to be the go-to platform for developers seeking to build secure cross-chain dApps