Trade PIXEL with Leverage


Pixels (PIXEL) is a blockchain-based game launched in 2020 by Luke Barwikowski, aiming to offer a community-centric gaming experience in the Web3 space. The project team, including experts from Ubisoft and GameHouse, focuses on creating a fun, interoperable, and gradually decentralized gaming ecosystem. The game features activities such as farming, resource gathering, crafting, quests, and community interaction. It utilizes the Ronin Ethereum scaling solution to provide players with ownership of their digital assets, offering a departure from traditional gaming models by emphasizing player autonomy and ownership rights. A key aspect of Pixels is its interoperability, allowing for the transfer of items across different games and beyond the Pixels environment, aiming to create a unified gaming experience. The transition from BERRY to PIXEL token is a move to ensure a stable in-game economy. PIXEL tokens are minted daily at a rate of 100,000, directed towards active community participants. The in-game economy is designed to prevent premium item resale, with proceeds directed to a managed treasury. To preserve economic stability and token value, a portion of the daily revenue is eliminated from the supply.