Trade PRIME with Leverage


Echelon Prime (PRIME) is a blockchain-based platform for gaming, built on Ethereum, initiated by the Echelon Prime Foundation. It aims to improve gaming economies by integrating community governance and an open-source approach. PRIME is the native token of the web3 ecosystem for the Echelon Prime Foundation. The platform offers a staking mechanism that rewards users with tokens for utilizing in-game assets. This not only enriches the gaming experience but also encourages active participation in the ecosystem. Echelon Prime emphasizes transparency and fairness, offering equal opportunities for all users, whether gamers or traders. It allows the conversion of PRIME tokens into various digital assets and cryptocurrencies, connecting gaming with the broader crypto market. Echelon Prime's governance model supports decentralization, enabling token holders to influence its direction through the Governance Portal and Emissaries Prime. The platform's tokenomics are designed to sustain and grow the ecosystem, allocating resources for gameplay improvement, investor relations, team support, and community incentives. The platform's integration with the gaming sector includes various partnerships, such as with Parallel, a science fiction trading card game that uses NFTs and offers PRIME rewards. Echelon Prime's asset ecosystem includes Masterpieces, Prime Keys, and Catalyst Drives, each providing unique benefits such as royalty shares, exclusive mints, and access to governance features like community voting.