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The Sandbox (SAND) is a blockchain-based virtual world and gaming platform that allows users to create, own, and monetize their own digital experiences and assets. Founded by Sebastien Borget, Arthur Madrid, and Nicolas Gilot in 2018, The Sandbox aims to revolutionize the gaming industry by empowering users to become creators and entrepreneurs within a decentralized virtual ecosystem. SAND tokens serve as the primary means of value transfer and incentivization within The Sandbox ecosystem. Users can use SAND tokens to purchase virtual land, assets, and services within the platform, as well as to participate in governance decisions through staking and voting mechanisms. Users can design, build, and customize their own virtual experiences using intuitive and user-friendly tools on the Sandbox platform. These experiences can range from games and interactive simulations to virtual museums and art installations, limited only by the imagination of the creators. The Sandbox offers ownership and provenance of digital assets within the platform. Users can create and trade non-fungible tokens (NFTs) representing virtual land, avatars, accessories, and other in-game items. These NFTs are stored on the Ethereum blockchain, ensuring transparency, security, and interoperability. Users can also monetize their creations through various mechanisms, including in-game purchases, advertising, and participation in The Sandbox's Play-to-Earn (P2E) model. This allows creators to earn SAND tokens, the native cryptocurrency of The Sandbox platform, by providing valuable content and experiences to other users. The Sandbox has forged partnerships with over 50 influential companies, including gaming giants like Atari and Square Enix. These collaborations contribute to the vibrant and diverse ecosystem within The Sandbox Metaverse.