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Vanar Chain (VANRY) is a decentralized layer-1 blockchain technology designed for real world adoption, especially in the entertainment space, spanning across gaming, the metaverse, and mixed reality (VR, AR, and AI), with brand solutions such as Virtua Metaverse and VGN games network. The project's mission is to bridge advanced technology with user accessibility, targeting real-world challenges by offering a scalable, low-cost blockchain alternative. It particularly focuses on environmental accountability through its Vanar Eco feature, aiming for sustainability within blockchain operations through transparent, real-time energy consumption tracking and data-driven insights for regulatory compliance and carbon footprint management. Other key features include gaming APIs for major development platforms, and advanced AI capabilities for generative content and fraud detection. VANRY functions as a transactional currency within its ecosystem, facilitating micropayments in gaming, and supports digital asset marketplaces. This utility token underpins Vanar’s commitment to enriching gaming, metaverse interactions, and AI-enhanced blockchain applications.