Trade WAVES with Leverage


Waves (WAVES) is a decentralized blockchain platform that aims to facilitate the creation, issuance, and exchange of digital assets and custom tokens. Established in 2016, Waves provides users with a user-friendly and scalable infrastructure for building decentralized applications (dApps), launching initial coin offerings (ICOs), and conducting peer-to-peer transactions. The native cryptocurrency of the Waves blockchain, WAVES, functions as the primary means of value transfer and governance, and is the essential "gas" fueling the entire network. This token powers transactions, secures the platform, and facilitates the seamless creation of diverse digital assets. Waves employs a unique consensus mechanism called the Waves-NG protocol, which enables fast and secure transaction processing with high throughput and scalability. Waves-NG builds upon traditional blockchain technology by introducing a more efficient block generation process , as its liquid blocks continue to grow until the creation of the next block reducing transaction confirmation times and increasing network capacity. Waves aims to be an open-source platform, offering a robust toolkit designed to simplify dApp development for businesses and individuals. By enabling the creation of personalized cryptocurrencies and crypto collectibles, Waves aims to foster innovation within the ecosystem.