Trade WLD with Leverage


Worldcoin (WLD), founded by Sam Altman of OpenAI, aims to create an identity and financial platform offering widespread economic access via biometric technology. The technology involves an Orb that scans the iris to generate a unique numeric code, forming part of the World ID. This digital ID is designed to verify individuality and privacy while offering Worldcoin tokens as an incentive for participation. The project uses a digital passport model, employing zero-knowledge proofs to maintain privacy in verification, making it accessible through smartphones. With the help of the World App and the Orb, Worldcoin seeks to achieve broad adoption and set new standards in digital identity and financial accessibility with a strong emphasis on protecting user privacy and ensuring security. Its use cases range from improving social media security to facilitating transparent voting and equitable financial access. WLD, the project's token, operates on the Ethereum blockchain and is key to governance and transactions within its ecosystem, supporting a decentralized, community-led development model. The initial offering includes 10 billion WLD tokens, with a focus on equitable distribution and the concept of a universal basic income, distributing millions of tokens before its official launch.