Flipster X TON Partnership: Enhanced Deposit Options For Users

Flipster X TON Partnership: Enhanced Deposit Options For Users

Flipster has announced a partnership with TON (The Open Network), which will see the integration of the TON network into Flipster’s trading platform. This move aims to enhance user experience by providing a wider range of options for making deposits. Through this collaboration, Flipster and TON aim to bring a host of advantages and opportunities to their community by enhancing the versatility of both platforms.

Flipster Will Support The TON Network

The addition of the TON network offers users a new method for funding their accounts on Flipster. Our deposit process is designed to be easy and smooth, ensuring that users can easily deposit funds via the TON network without any hassle. This move not only streamlines the deposit process but also broadens the options available to users, enhancing the overall user experience on Flipster.

Reward Campaigns

To celebrate this partnership, Flipster has launched several campaigns with attractive rewards.  These campaigns are designed to incentivize users to make deposits using the new deposit network and earn more rewards. Here are the details of the campaigns:

TON USDT Deposit Campaign

Users can earn up to 26% APR on their entire USDT wallet balance when they deposit USDT to Flipster using the TON network. This offer is in addition to the benefits from the Flipster Earn Campaign and VIP Program

The enhanced APR earnings are structured as follows:

  • Earn 2% extra APR: Net deposit (via the USDT TON network) ≥ 100 USDT
  • Earn 4% extra APR: Net deposit (via the USDT TON network) ≥ 1000 USDT
  • Earn 5% extra APR: Net deposit (via the USDT TON network) ≥ 10,000 USDT

Flipster x TON SBT Campaign

Users have the opportunity to win a share of a 50,000 USDT pool and mint SBT (SoulBound Token) when they deposit USDT (on the TON network) to Flipster using their TON Wallet. The more users deposit, the higher their chances of winning a portion of the reward pool.

To participate:

  1. Connect your TON Wallet to the TON Society page.
  2. Sign up or log in to your Flipster account.
  3. Deposit USDT into your Flipster account using the TON Wallet connected to the TON Society page.
  4. Receive SBT after making your deposit; it will be airdropped to your account within 10 days after the campaign ends.

By minting SBTs, users also earn tickets to participate in the 50,000 USDT pool rewards. The more tickets you collect, the greater your share of the rewards pool. Here’s how you can earn tickets:

By Deposit Amount:

  • 1 ticket: ANY Deposit 
  • 5 tickets: Net Deposit 50 USDT or more  
  • 10 tickets: Net Deposit 100 USDT or more

By Referrals: 

– 20 tickets: Refer one person (up to 10 referrals)

These campaigns run from June 19, 2024, at 08:00 UTC to July 18, 2024, at 23:59 UTC, giving users a full month to participate and benefit from the enhanced deposit options and lucrative rewards.

About Flipster

Flipster is the number one crypto derivatives trading platform offering lightning-fast perpetual futures listings on the latest cryptocurrencies. The easy-to-use platform provides users with an all-in-one trading experience with leverage of up to 100x on over 250 tokens with the deepest liquidity and zero trading fees. 

About TON

TON, or The Open Network, is a decentralized blockchain platform that was originally developed by Telegram’s team to integrate blockchain and cryptocurrency functionality into the Telegram ecosystem. This initiative was spearheaded by the Durov brothers, who envisioned a platform that could bring digital ownership and cryptocurrency into mainstream use through Telegram.

Today, TON is maintained by a global community of independent contributors who continue to develop and enhance the platform. The primary goal of TON is to build a Web3 ecosystem within Telegram, making digital ownership easy and accessible to all users. By putting crypto in every pocket, TON aims to democratize access to blockchain technology and digital assets.


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