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Beam (BEAM) is a sovereign blockchain network engineered specifically for gaming that is introduced by the Merit Circle DAO. Aimed at simplifying the complexities of game development and enhancing the gaming experience, Beam provides a versatile platform for gamers and developers to converge and co-create the future of gaming. The network facilitates a versatile ecosystem powered by $BEAM, the native token of this ecosystem, which covers gas fees for transactions, and enables governance participation and transaction validation, fueling gaming activities in the Beam ecosystem. The Beam SDK, a flexible software development kit, is among the core components facilitating the integration of blockchain elements into games, fostering the development of decentralized applications (dApps) for gaming. The Beam network integrates with the Avalanche network, to cater to the unique demands of game developers and the gaming community at large. For developers, Beam offers a suite of APIs and SDKs designed to ease the integration of blockchain functionalities into games. These tools enable a range of actions from managing in-game assets to conducting secure transactions, thereby enhancing the gaming experience. Sphere, Beam's native game asset marketplace, and various developer tools, including BeamSwap and Beam Companion, further enrich the ecosystem's offering