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Mantle Network (MNT) is designed to enhance the scalability and functionality of Ethereum through a Layer-2 technology stack. Its unique approach is to segregate the aspects of transaction execution, data availability, and transaction finality into distinct modules. This modular architecture not only allows for individual upgrades but also facilitates the incorporation of the latest technological advancements. Launched as a DAO-governed entity, Mantle Network is distinctive for being initiated and guided by the decisions of its community members, who are MNT token holders. This democratic governance model empowers token holders to direct the strategic course of the network, including the launch of new initiatives and management of its treasury. The network was brought to life by the collaborative efforts of early contributors, including prominent figures like jacobc.eth and Ben Zhou, who played critical roles in shaping its foundational proposal. Mantle Network's ecosystem is further enriched by the Mantle Liquidity Staking Protocol (LSP), allowing users to stake ETH and receive yield-bearing mETH (Mantle Staked Ether), alongside exploring additional yield opportunities within Mantle Network applications. This mechanism is part of Mantle's broader aim to foster a sustainable and growth-oriented ecosystem. MNT serves a multifaceted role within the network, acting as the native gas token, a means to incentivize ecosystem growth, and the governance token for the Mantle DAO. It has a circulating supply of over 3.2 billion tokens out of a total and max supply of approximately 6.2 billion MNT tokens. Its security is bolstered by Ethereum's roll-up technology and a partnership with ETH restaking protocol EigenLayer for its data availability module, illustrating a commitment to maintaining high security and reliability standards.