What Is Ethereum Merge & When to Expect It?

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What Is Ethereum Merge & When to Expect It?

On Twitter, #wenmerge has been widely talked about by the crypto community. It alludes to the question: When will the Ethereum Mainnet and the Beacon Chain proof-of-stake mechanism merge?  

While it may have been uncertain in the past, it is without a doubt that we can more or less answer the question now. The merge is approaching. 

About Ethereum Merge

The merge will be the final step in Ethereum’s shift from proof-of-work to the proof-of-stake consensus algorithm — leading to the birth of Ethereum 2.0. After the Ethereum Mainnet has merged with the Beacon Chain, it is expected that Ethereum’s energy consumption will be cut by around 99.95%.

Vitalik Buterin Shares His Vision & Expected Date For The Ethereum Merge

At the Ethereum Community Conference in France that took place between July 19-21, Vitalik Buterin shared his perspective on the Ethereum merge. 

As the co-founder of Ethereum, he has stated that the merge is expected to be completed in roughly 2 months’ time. With this, many Ethereum community members and supporters have speculated that the actual date the merge will take place will be on the 19th of September. 

Nevertheless, Vitalik Buterin has also put forth the idea that there will be potential improvements extending beyond the network’s migration to proof-of-stake. According to him, even after the merge, which is anticipated to be finished this September, Ethereum would only be about 55% complete. He mentions there is still a multitude of great and exciting plans that are coming along for Ethereum. This is just the beginning. 

How Will The Ethereum Merge Affect Ethereum 

Vivek Raman, an Ethereum researcher, believes that the strategic move to a proof-of-stake (PoS) model would allow Ethereum to overtake Bitcoin as the most popular cryptocurrency. 

Furthermore, the merge will change Ethereum’s monetary structure, rendering the network more environmentally friendly and lowering the overall quantity of ETH by 90%. This means that Ethereum might become a more scarce crypto asset in the time to come. 

Final Thoughts

For those who are excited about the Ethereum merge and are wondering when Ethereum 2.0 is going to come to life, this article is for you. Though the actual date has yet to be finalized, we can be somewhat certain that it is going to take place around mid-July. The merger will also prompt Ethereum supporters and investors to purchase more Ethereum, as many believe that such a revolutionary move is going to bring about a significant increase in Ethereum’s price. 


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